Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Because every criminal case is unique, my fees vary depending on the anticipated complexity of the matter. However, as with most criminal defense attorneys, all of my cases are charged on a flat fee basis. There are essentially two flat fees for every case. There is one flat fee if the case is disposed without a trial and an additional flat fee if the client chooses a trial.

Lawyers who limit their practice to criminal defense will normally charge higher fees than lawyers with a more general practice. Because of the limited nature of my practice, my experience as a former Ellis County felony prosecutor, and my positive reputation in the legal community, my fees are typically higher than those that do not share these same attributes.

Do you accept payments?

Yes. Payment plans are available. For most misdemeanors, I will offer a payment plan of 4 to 5 monthly payments. For most felonies, I will allow a payment plan of 5-6 monthly payments.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. I accept all major credit cards and I do not charge any additional processing fees.

Can you guarantee that you will win my case?

No. In fact, no lawyer can guarantee that they can win your case. What I can guarantee is that I am capable and competent to handle your case and that I will do my very best. The more specialized and experienced your attorney, the greater your odds are of obtaining a satisfactory outcome.

What services are included in your fee?

Once retained, you will receive a copy of my detailed contract for your records. My contract provides for the following legal services:
  • Interview the client and defense witnesses, if deemed necessary by the attorney.

  • Employ at attorney’s expense, a private investigator to conduct additional fact finding, if deemed necessary by the attorney.

  • Obtain and review any and all legally discoverable information and evidence from the District Attorney’s Office regarding the client’s case.

  • Research and review both statutory and case law that applies to the client’s case.

  • Locate and employ the assistance of expert consultant(s) / witness(es), if necessary.

  • Seek to obtain a rejection, no-bill, or dismissal, of the charges pending against the client. In the alternative, negotiate the best possible plea bargain offer/settlement from the District Attorney that has been assigned to prosecute the client’s case.

  • Review the evidence, facts and the law with the client.

  • Provide the client with the pros and cons of accepting the plea bargain offer obtained versus seeking a trial on the merits.

  • Advise the client as to which choice appears to be in the client’s best interest.

  • Assist the client in implementing his choice (i.e. assist the client in entering into a plea bargain agreement or by having an actual bench or jury trial).

The costs for such things as service of subpoenas, certified documents, photographs, transcripts, and trial exhibits, are included in my flat fee.

What is not included in your fees?

My contract typically does not include the following:

Representation for any post conviction relief such as an appeal, expunction, motion for new trial, motion for non-disclosure, writs of certiorari, motion for early release, motion for reduction of sentence, motions to modify; Representation in a second trial based on a granted motion for new trial, a reversal by an appellate court, or following a “hung jury”; Representation in any future revocation of probation proceedings, including a motion to adjudicate a deferred disposition; or Representation before the Texas Board of Pardons & Parole.

Expert witness fees, if any.

Is there an advantage to hiring an Ellis County attorney, as opposed to hiring an attorney who has their office located outside of Ellis County?

Most attorneys, if pressed, will admit that there is usually a slight “home field” advantage that goes to attorney’s that practice primarily in a particular county. The reason for this is obvious. I know each prosecutor and Judge on a first name basis. Every County works differently. Every Judge has his or her quirks. Every prosecutor has their own unique personality. I know how things work around here. I use that knowledge and experience to the advantage of my clients. That is one of the reasons why I choose to limit my practice to Ellis and Navarro Counties. Of course, I am licensed to practice in any state courtroom in Texas. However, I believe that my clients would be better served by retaining an attorney that practices regularly in the other Texas counties. Therefore, I refer out all cases that come to me that are not from Ellis or Navarro County.